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Caring for the Professional voice user

Dr Elizabeth Hodge is one of only a handful of Australian ENT surgeons who has completed a sub-specialty fellowship in Laryngology or Voice Disorders and Surgery. She completed the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons “North Thames Laryngology Fellowship” in London. Her time in the United Kingdom saw her working with Britain’s top laryngologists, voice specialists and speech therapists. These specialist clinicians treated the UK’s biggest stars, whether they were performing on the West End or at the O2 arena.

Her training in London means she is well-equipped to address the unique concerns of the professional voice user, be they a performer, teacher, call-center operator or any other profession with high vocal demands. She works with a variety of speech pathologists, physiotherapists, vocal coaches and singing teachers, and is happy to arrange joint consultations as required to address the individual needs of the vocalist.

Her practice on Wickham Terrace is also one of only a few sites in Queensland that has high-definition stroboscopy, along with high-definition laryngeal video analysis equipment, available on site. This enables her to get the best possible view of the voice box. Dr Hodge is able to provide recordings of the laryngeal examination allowing patients to see their voice box first-hand, and thus make fully informed decisions about their care. More often than not voice problems in a professional voice user may be managed without surgery, however if the patient’s problem requires surgical intervention, then stroboscopy is increasingly considered imperative prior to operating on the delicate voice box. Dr Hodge’s extra training in voice surgery means that she is able to discuss all the various options available with you and operate as required.