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Hearing Concerns

Hearing loss may be related to either sound being blocked from reaching the delicate hearing structures in the inner ear (a “conductive” hearing loss) or a problem with the transmission of hearing information from the inner ear to the brain (a “sensorineural” hearing loss).

The consequences of hearing loss can be quite significant. In children it can result in speech delay, behavioural issues and learning difficulties. In adults it can cause multiple issues in the home and workplace including safety problems when a patient cannot properly hear instructions or an alarm. The sudden onset of sensorineural hearing loss is considered an emergency and requires an assessment within 24–48hrs as early treatment can improve the chances of hearing recovery.

Particularly in the case of conductive hearing loss, there are often interventions that an ENT surgeon can offer that may alleviate hearing loss. Dr Hodge can assess your hearing concerns and organize hearing tests as required. She can discuss potential solutions depending on your own individual circumstances.